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Quality Control

Scientifically Tested and Mother Approved
>.03% THC
  • Must be 99% + pure and 100% derived from Hemp

  • Hemp flower and biomass CBD concentrations vary depending on strain, quality and processing

  • The range of active CBD ranges from 80%-95% depending on the product

  • Legally hemp needs to have less than .3% THC and have passed pesticide screening to be sold through Hemp Auction House


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Daizee Morales

Office Manager
If you love hemp, I’m your new best friend. I pride myself on building the Hemp community with strong customer relations. My background in cannabis banking, motherhood, spiritual guruing, and natural living combines hippy love with real world business acumen.

Bud Powers

International horticulturist, web slinger, botanist, Eagle Scout, accredited auctioneer, published biologist, auction technology specialist, musician, outdoorsman, lover of the win, win, win, your champion hunter when tracking down unicorns.

Kyle Walters

Chief Technology Officer
AKA Dr. Dab, our technology super nerd specialist with a computer science degree, he does data analysis with the greatest of ease while chiefing CBD on his flying trapeze.

Mercedes Orphan

Project Manager
Experienced bud tender, product handler, marketing specialist, hemp enthusiast with a background in fine art and a lover of all hot springs!

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