2018 Farm Bill Signed!

This will make America great again!

Trump did a solid, sort of..

Ok, we aren’t here to talk about politics tooo much. Yes, we know, there were changes to the farm bill involving poor Americans and immigration. Well those changes are on the agenda of Republicans and while we are disappointed Washington can’t just pass a bill without hanging all types of hooks and landmines all over it, at least the Farm Bill passed!

So it means that hemp is now off the list of scheduled narcotics. That is huge! It means we can now produce, buy and sell American grown hemp both domestically and internationally (where approved).

Yes state’s rights still play a role in how hemp will be received. Now that it is Federally clear, states and the feds will clamor to tax hemp as soon as possible. More than likely inter and intra state movement of hemp will require someone to pay taxes.

How’s it going to work if you were to produce hemp in New York and sell it in California? Would you pay higher NY sales tax or California tax? What if the transaction happened online and the server was based in Las Vegas?Would you have to pay tax at all? What about the cost of transporting loads of hemp across the country? Will the regulatory boards require taxes to be paid in every state the hemp or cbd moves through? Does that mean that for smaller orders, it is better to ship Hemp and CBD via air?

The future is brilliant for those looking into CBD full spectrum oil, CBD distillate, CBD isolate and Hemp. Soon, new products will be available in the market. We expect amazing scientific breakthroughs for research, development, and treatment of diseases, not limited to Crohns, Diabetes, Strokes, Anxiety, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, Hypertension and much more. For more information stay tuned to HempAuctionHouse.com

If you are in the market to buy or sell Hemp and CBD, please contact our caring professionals. We offer valuable information on market value, product testing, future options, multiple revenue streams, wholesale discounts and much more. Thank you for allowing us to serve the community. We are always growing. Thanks for your valuable business and beloved referrals.

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